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Kind Sniper®

Kind Sniper® We are pleased to announce that Kind Sniper is now a registered trademark. This shows our commitment to the brand and to the values, principles and approaches it represents. Values We view the Second Amendment as a cornerstone of American democracy. We believe in gun ownership as a right. We also believe that to properly exercise this right, gun owners must be overall proficient and responsible. Principles Our core principles are the following: top-notch hardware, technical proficiency, adequate psychology, and legal savviness. Approaches We believe in exceptional customer service and investing into customer loyalty. Our customers know these are not just pretty words – we really live them. We look forward to continui...  Read More


We at Kind Sniper have always been passionate about the 1911 platform: its legacy, proven track record and continued popularity. However, 1911 is somewhat of a broad term: the platform has a lot of variations and implementations by hundreds of manufacturers. But if you want to talk about the best of the best, Nighthawk Custom is the name that comes to mind by direct association. And rightfully so! We have seen Nighthawk's manufacturing process in real life and were greatly impressed by their level of craftsmanship, dedication and pride in their work. Nighthawk's Custom Shop is an exciting service Nighthawk Custom offers to the 1911 owners. If you want to take your existing 1911 to the next level (or a level above next) consider getting...  Read More


Author: Andrew Swift, Professional Firearms Instructor at Swift Precision. As a professional firearms instructor, I can tell you that a lot of people take the wrong factors into account when purchasing their first gun. The unprecedented surge of first-time gun purchases that took place during the pandemic has shown me that firsthand. I once witnessed an elderly lady go into a gun store and tell the clerk that she was there to buy her first gun. She mentioned that she NEVER thought she would ever own a gun but that in these trying times… This woman wanted a home defense handgun, and the gun-store clerk did what a salesman does: he turned around and grabbed a $2500 AR15 off the wall. Now, we LOVE the AR15 platform, but this was not the ri...  Read More


December 27th, 2021 Investing in Customer Loyalty Kind Sniper truly invests in customer loyalty. We give our Repeat Customers a 7% discount on every purchase, every time. To attain Repeat Customer status, all you have to do is purchase a firearm from us. You can then apply your 7% discount toward every subsequent purchase. There are no hidden conditions (exclusions, exceptions, limitations, or expirations) behind this model. Yes, you could become a Repeat Customer by purchasing, for example, a $600 Glock and later buy a $5,000 Nighthawk Korth revolver with the 7% discount (that would be $350 below the asking price). Some might look at it as thinning their profit margins; we look at it as an investment in customer loyalt...  Read More